Speed Work

Day 16 - A box Jet modeled in maya off a design by Silo Graphic Design.
Occlusion pass from mental ray with digital paint over in photoshop.

Little Chick is a speed model done as a working concept for AIX.

Modeled in a couple of hours in blender.
Lambert1 shader with some quick post in photoshop

A speed project because I wanted a creature in my reel. Spent about 2 days after school on this.
Basemesh: Max
Sculpt: Z-Brush
Retopo: Blender
Texture: Mari
Animation: Maya
Render: Maya CGFX (Realtime)

Day 13 - Generator Crate, modeled in blender, rendered in cycles, paint-over in photoshop

Sci-fi Floor panel
Day 1 in my February timelapse month.

Day14 - Low poly and Texturing.
31 Triangles

Day 10:
A large Generator

Sci-fi Weapon
Day 2 in my February Timelapse month

Day 11
A quick industrial fan


These projects are personal work I do for fun completed as fast as possible, I usually allow 3 hours for each stage of the project (concept, model, texture) with the exception of rigging and animation